It’s a big get. Do you want to win a couple gift cards?the big get

Starting right now I’m launching a survey. But it’s not for you to take. Oh no, the winner of the survey will be chosen randomly and I’ve got a whole other deal for you if you’re interested.

the big getThere’s a point system

Whoever gets the most points wins. It’s a simple as that. For every person you get to take my survey, you get a point. You get fifty people to take the survey, you get fifty points. Pretty straightforward, right? There’s not a trick to it at all. Of course, I reserve the right to disqualify emails if I suspect they’re fake (so please don’t give me reason to be suspicious). All I want is for you to give it to horror fans along with a number I’ll assign to you that they will enter on the survey.

The first thing I need you to do is sign up for my newsletter.

Here’s the URL: I don’t spam and I won’t sell your email address and you have the right to unsubscribe anytime. All I’d like to do is occasionally send you something about my latest work or maybe a new contest I have coming up. If you’re in, send me an email at gerald{dot}rice76{at} I’ll respond with a number once I see you on my subscriber list and you’ll use this link: to solicit people to take the survey.

Please don’t take the survey yourselfthe big get

You are only eligible for winning by points or being randomly selected through the survey, not both. There are other ways you can earn more points in addition to getting people to take the survey. If you post a Verified Purchase review of any of my books from this date until the close of the contest, you get three points. Remember, the most points at the end of the contest wins. I still am running a promotion on my Halloween ebook, The Best Night of the Year, where if you are one of the first 30 people to review, I’ll rebate you the $0.99.

the big getSo what might you win, you ask?

Any number of gift cards, but to name a few: Gamestop, Best Buy, Papa John’s, Nike, Starbucks, AMC Theater, and many others just to name a few. If you are the winner you can either get a $50 gift card from one place or split it over two for $25 apiece. None of these companies are affiliated with this contest.

You’re on board, but how do you entice others, you’d like to know?

The randomly chosen winner will receive one of these gift cards of his or her choosing in the amount of $25.

Where’s the link to that survey again?the big get

Right here:


The survey closes on October 30th with the winner to be named the next day. I’ll announce who won this particular contest on the 31st as well. In the meantime, may the odds be ever in your favor!