So I’ve taken the first step.

A while ago on Facebook, I’d indicated my interest in collaborating with an author I’ve been reading since my teens. I’ve read many of his books over the years, especially a particular series he’s written that may or may not eventually be made into a movie someday. I sent him a PM on Facebook and just got through sending him an email (I dunno, email seems more official to me).



step - partnership


Next Step: Wait!

The ball is in his court at this point. I have no idea if he’d be interested or willing, but I should get a response from him soon, I think. I’ve communicated with him before and although I feel like we’ve met, I haven’t actually even spoken to him before. I’m just crossing my fingers at this point in the hopes I’m not coming off as just another kook asking a well-known author for something.


Step - Collaboration3rd Step

If he says yes, it’ll be brainstorm time! Now I’ve gotten a few other authors to agree to collaborate on a project, but it hasn’t come to anything because of timing or some other issue. I don’t know if I should lead the idea pitching or if I step back and let him share some idea he’s been kicking around—honestly, I don’t care. Whatever it is, it would just be awesome to work with him. I’m sure how he lays out a story is much different than the way I do it. Admittedly, how I plot a story is a strange, stream-of-consciousness method, but I’m highly adaptable and can accommodate.


4th Step

This would be the actual writing part. Do I write a section and send it back to him? Does he write his primary character and I write mine and we mesh the two together? Again, I have no idea. But I want to be as respectful to his process as I can and show him I can deliver a true horror/action/thriller story.


I’ll reveal more as I have information. If you follow me on Facebook, you know who the author is. If not, you’ll know soon enough after I get a response from him.


I guess I can go ahead and reveal who it is. I don’t know why I’m keeping it secret anyway. It’s F Paul Wilson. And apparently, I hinted at working with him 7 years ago. Hey, are you following my reviews of the new show, The Mist?