More, more, more!

Reviews are coming in, but I need more. More, I say, more! If sales are the life’s blood of a book’s success then reviews are like… the lymph nodes? No-no, the white blood cells. They’re important in helping a prospective reader to decide whether or not she will click that button and add a book to her Kindle. So, I’m asking.

If You Have a Copy, I’m Looking for Reviews from You…

Plenty enough people voted for Dead ’til Dawn for its Kindle Scout run, so a lot of people, ideally, have already downloaded it (and I also saw reviews posted by anyone who won it are considered to be verified purchases). I hope that means a lot of people are reading it right now, but if not, I would appreciate greatly if you could put it in your queue to be read soon and help a brother out.

I’d Hate to Not Write the Sequel

Yes, I do have an idea for a follow-up and a couple more stories after that. I’ve even begun a side story that I may be moving over to Patreon (oh yeah. I’ve started a Patreon account. More on that in a moment). But if this book doesn’t take off like I need it to, I have to move on to another project. Don’t get me wrong, it’s doing okay, but I need a big breakthrough here. I want this to be the book that lets me quit my dayjob. I can’t keep drilling a dry well, though.

I’m Not Looking for Reviews that Gush for the Sake of Gushing

If you loved Dead ’til Dawn great! I want to read all about it on Amazon. But even if you only thought it was ho-hum or you hated it, I want to read that too. I’m always skeptical when I’m online shopping and all the reviews  are positive for a product. Dissent is a natural human tendency and I wouldn’t have it any other way. If anything, bad reviews help me to feel more positive about a product many times (that’s with a qualification–not if there are way more bad reviews than good or even around a 50/50 split). So write whatever you thought about it in your reviews; I suspect most of you had more positive to say about it than negative.

So, Patreon, wuzzat?

Patreon is a site where artists can post new content and the general public can give patronage on a monthly or per piece of content basis (I know I could write that better, but ‘Murrika). I have a lot more to put up, just have to sit down and do it. Right now I’m putting up a story I wrote most of, titled Dethm8. I wont’ explain it because I don’t entirely understand, but it’s cool and different and reminiscent and you should enjoy it if you enjoy what I do. At least the first few installments will be free before I start asking for donations (and pimp my page like crazy). Just consider dropping by and taking a look to see if you like what you read. I have a lot of oldies that can’t be found anywhere that I’ll throw up, WIPs I can give early previews of, and exclusive content if I just don’t know what else to do with it. I’m sitting on at least a half dozen short stories that I simply haven’t tried to do anything with. I’ll probably put at least one on there. Click on the link at the end to go to my page: