Author. Editor. Publisher. Speaker?


If you have a venue and are interested in having me speak, by all means get in contact with me.  Currently, I’m holding workshops at libraries in the metro-Detroit area giving publishing tips, but that’s not all I can do.  I can also speak about writing in general.  I don’t mind travel and if you have a library, school, hall, or convention, by all means get in contact with me at gerald.rice76 (at) And while you’re here, check out my Media Kit.

Welcome to my site! If you’re here, I’m guessing you like scary stories. If you don’t, please take a look at this cute card game about Kittens. Scary stories have been a lifelong passion for me from watching horror movies and TV shows since I was a child to eventually writing my own. I can tell you that if you’ve already read and enjoyed Fleshbags or Tales from an Apartment that what I’m writing right now would be something you’d definitely find interesting. With each of my books you’re going to get something familiar, yet from a wild, unexpected angle.

I like zombies. But since I’ve become aware of how often I write zombie stories I try to mix it up a little. Maybe I might throw a monkey in there. I also like monkeys, if I didn’t tell you. My wife won’t let me have one of those, though, so I have to use the enclosure by myself.

Please continue enjoying the site. Come back often for updates on whatever it is I’m doing or where ever it is I’ll be. I like to give stuff away sometimes or publish supplemental material for some of my books on my site. Drop a comment too. I don’t bite–well, I can’t through a computer, anyway, but I do respond.