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We’re hoping to see you this Saturday. If you haven’t heard by now, the ThrillBill will be happening from 1-4 at the Ferndale Area District Library. Read on and learn about the authors who will be there.

Ryan Lieske

Ryan Lieske is a novelist, short story writer, blogger, and award-winning filmmaker who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He is pretty much interested in everything, and is never at a loss for things to do, think about, write about, or obsess over.

Gerald Dean Rice

Gerald Dean Rice is hard at work on something right now. Whether it’s vampires, zombies, or something you’ve never seen before, he’s always dedicated to writing something unique. He’s the author of numerous short stories, including the Halloween eBook “The Best Night of the Year”, “30 Minute Plan” which is free on Amazon, the YA book “Vamp-Hire” and the upcoming anthology “Anything but Zombies”. Visit his website at for details about upcoming works.



Justin Coates

Justin Coates was born and raised in Downriver, Michigan. Joining the United States Army at 18, he served five years as an airborne infantryman, including two combat tours in Afghanistan. His weird horror and science fiction pieces have been published in various anthologies. He is an Affiliate Member in the Horror Writer’s Association. He lives in Riverview, Michigan, with his wife, son and fearsome long haired chihuahua.

You can follow him at,,






Andy Smallwood

Andy Lockwood is a writer, an artist, and above all: a dreamer. He got his start in screenwriting and filmmaking where he discovered his obsessive love of storytelling.

He is the author of two novels, Empty Hallways and House of Thirteen; a 12-part serial thriller, At Calendar’s End; and is a regular contributor to horror anthologies. He is always working on another piece of writing, whether it is a novel, a story, or something else entirely. When not slaving away at the keyboard, he spends his time buying books he does not have time to read, and delving into mediums he has no time to fully explore, but he dabbles in them anyway.

He lives in mid-Michigan with his amazingly talented and entirely-too-supportive wife, a brood of cats, and a misguided idea of what it means to be an adult.

More information about his books, his thoughts, and his random adventures can be found at his website:




Tom Ulicny

Tom is a lifelong resident of Michigan and presently lives in the Detroit area. He’s proud to have three beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. A retired engineer and business executive, he holds several degrees from Wayne State University and enjoys travel, woodworking, guitar and, of course, writing. He now writes full time, has completed three novels.

His debut novel, The Lost Revolution, takes place in the turbulent 1880’s of Victorian London. It earned Tom a top, 5-star rating from Readers’ Favorite. His second novel, The Caruso Collection, is a romantic murder mystery that takes place in the present day world of big-art in New York City. Tom’s third book, The Scientist’s Accomplice, pits a hard-luck Miami street hustler against a mysterious organization bent on using a startling scientific discovery to promote its own evil ends. Tom bills it as a Sci-tech road-trip mystery, adventure with plot twists designed to keep the reader guessing right up until the last chapter.

Tom has recently completed the rough draft of his fourth book slated for release later this year.

Tom’s travels have taken him to China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. He has also enjoyed camping in the American West.

Whenever practical, Tom tries to find time for writing events and author signings. For more on Tom, his books, and what he’s up to now, visit him at

Drop him a line on his contact page – he’d love to hear from you.

We hope to see you Saturday! Read more about the ThrillBill here!