Ever since I found out The Mist was being adapted into a television show, I’ve been looking forward to it. The Mist is one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations. And one of my favorite parts is the end, which wasn’t even how King ended his short story. But with other TV adaptations of the horror icon’s stories that haven’t turned out so well, could this be any good?

Obnoxious teens are not a good sign

When you filter out all the dumb throughout, one of the main plagues of Under the Dome was teenagers who were too smarmy for their own good. Maybe kill one of them and get the rest in line.

Who is everybody?

This may be a fault of mine and not the show, but I don’t know who anybody is except for Brian and Jay the footballer star. Nobody’s name is sticking because the characters aren’t very memorable so far. I can appreciate they’re trying to build something long term by establishing side stories that can be explored in depth as the season progresses, but the personalities so far are angry, obnoxious, or dull.

What exactly is the mist?

Now this is one difference from the movie I think I can get behind. At least from the previews, it appears as if the mist itself may be a threat of some kind. Like there’s more to be worried about than the creatures it brings with. It could be wishful thinking or something the promotion team came up with that doesn’t reflect at all in the show–we’ve all seen plenty of awesome previews to TV shows and movies that turned out to be complete duds (remember Angel Eyes?).

Where are Mrs. Carmody and David Drayton?




Now this one I’m genuinely curious about. I’m guessing that’s the same teacher from the movie as in the show (again, I don’t know anybody’s names and I can only guess), so she winds up in a mall with her daughter rather than in a supermarket. I’m not against the change, but it’s left me wondering if David and his son are in the supermarket along with their next door neighbor and crazy Mrs. Carmody while this is going on everywhere else. I’d like to see a map of this town because it seems to have a small feel and yet, it has a huge, sprawling mall. Unless this is going on in more than just a small corner of Maine, that is.

So far, there are a lot of questions

That should be a good thing for a new show, but only if they are the right questions. It’s kind of hard to have sympathy for a female lead who would intentionally take her ‘weirdo’ best friend to a party she has to know he won’t be welcome. Not saying she deserves to be attacked, but when her motivations are clearly selfish, it makes you not like her. And sexual assault is a poor way to create a sympathetic character. Why didn’t her mother tell her husband why she didn’t want their daughter to go? How could her father not know about something that so deeply affected his wife when they’ve been married at least 16 years? Why won’t the father talk to his son about wearing makeup? And how come the mother simply acts as a hallway through which the two men communicate?

Okay, the woman screaming with no jaw was pretty cool

A lot more stuff like that could keep breath in the show. But stuff like drug addicts who break into people’s houses and the homeowners don’t seem very upset won’t do the trick. I need to see these stock characters behaving as more than just stock characters by episode 2. As of right now, I don’t care if every person who’s been onscreen gets killed, in fact, I’d prefer them to get eaten by something with multiple mouths and tentacles.

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