Review of Okja on Netflix

Okja Review

I had to watch this one in installments and it took me about 2 weeks. That’s probably because I went on a Z Nation kick and devoured all three seasons in addition to keeping up on Preacher. Watching other programming actually had nothing to do with what I thought of Okja.
I really don’t know how to […]


I have a new WIP I’m working on thanks to a recent survey I sent out. Oh, and why not get yourself a free book while you’re here?

“What do you mean he bit someone? What does that have to do with anything?”

The Man Behind The Desk stared holds and to Samson. The young Dr. didn’t […]

Remembering George Romero by Gerald Rice

One of the first movies I saw in the theater was Creepshow.
I remember getting out of school, I was in kindergarten at the time, and seeing my mother waiting for me in her car in the parking lot. At the time, I was living with a legal guardian—a woman I would come to love […]

Read a Chapter of Dead ’til Dawn for Free

Order your copy of Dead ‘til Dawn here.


Jim saw a man staring at him who was almost as wide as the hallway.

He may have been one of the men who shot at him and Gary. Jim couldn’t be sure given the intensity of the situation. He gestured to Jim with his index finger and folded […]

Step 1 in a Possible Collaboration Project

So I’ve taken the first step.
A while ago on Facebook, I’d indicated my interest in collaborating with an author I’ve been reading since my teens. I’ve read many of his books over the years, especially a particular series he’s written that may or may not eventually be made into a movie someday. I sent him […]

Review of The Mist “Withdrawal”

“Withdrawal” begins with more complaints.

I just want to get them out of the way so I can do an actual review of the episode.

‘The Mist’ was not a novel. It was a short story. I don’t know why or how producers could make the error, but that should be something basic they should get […]

Is The Mist Made of Obnoxygen

Ever since I found out The Mist was being adapted into a television show, I’ve been looking forward to it. The Mist is one of my favorite Stephen King adaptations. And one of my favorite parts is the end, which wasn’t even how King ended his short story. But with other TV adaptations of the […]

Reviews Needed for Dead ’til Dawn

More, more, more!
Reviews are coming in, but I need more. More, I say, more! If sales are the life’s blood of a book’s success then reviews are like… the lymph nodes? No-no, the white blood cells. They’re important in helping a prospective reader to decide whether or not she will click that button and add a […]

Late Night Frights in the Mall

So I was in the mall after hours a couple Fridays ago.
As many of you may well know, my wife makes and sells handmade soaps (visit Green Olive Soaps!). A few weeks ago, we were at a local mall after hours preparing a kiosk to sell soap. Well, a mall gets pretty eerie when it empties […]

#DeadtilDawn Kindle Giveaway

#DeadtilDawn Giveaway
Limited Availability, So Act Now!
Starting today until 5/22/17, anyone who pre-orders Dead ‘til Dawn qualifies to win a new Kindle Fire, valued at $49.99.
There’s a little twist to the Giveaway, but it actually increases your odds of winning.
There will be a cap on the number of entrants. Once 35 people have pre-ordered Dead […]