Calling for a Few Tastemakers!

Tastemakers (yes, you!), assemble!
I need a few of you, only a few to help me out with something. As you may recall from the #ThrillBill a few weeks ago, that I was pimping my chapbook for charity. Well, that’s over and done with (I collected $68 dollars for them!) but I still have a lot […]

The ThrillBill

The ThrillBill is coming and I want to see you there!
If you’re in the SE Michigan area this Saturday, you should swing by.
We’ll be at the Ferndale Area District Library from 1-4 selling our books.
But who are we, exactly, you ask?

We are an upcoming bookfair composed of all Michigan area horror and thriller authors. In […]

More ThrillBill Authors

More ThrillBill Authors can be found here!
We’re hoping to see you this Saturday. If you haven’t heard by now, the ThrillBill will be happening from 1-4 at the Ferndale Area District Library. Read on and learn about the authors who will be there.
Ryan Lieske

Ryan Lieske is a novelist, short story writer, blogger, and award-winning filmmaker who […]

I Want to Buy Your Next Book

I Want to Buy Your Next Book
Starting today, I’m launching a new contest that could net you some free books. Dead ’til Dawn is only 99₵ for the entire month of March and it needs reviews. And by helping me out you and two other lucky winners can win up to $45 in books. Would you […]

Read Chapter 1 of Part-Time Zombie

I’m not sure what it is, exactly. Maybe it’s gonzo fiction, maybe it’s horror, maybe it’s something else. But I’m going to be doing something different with it and you can be a part.

Part-Time Zombie is the new novella I’m working on and you can get the first part of 3 for free. Now I say […]

First Story – Men in Chairs

So I’m starting a new book of short stories. I have several I’m currently working on for it, but I’ve just completed the first story. They will be ranging in genre, but a lot of horror. It needs to be edited still, but please read on for a taste of what I’m doing…

(And don’t forget […]

Season 8 of the Walking Dead Starts this Sunday

Have you checked out the trailer for Season 8 of the Walking Dead?
The link is below and it looks fantastic. Before you click, though, are you interested in winning a $50 gift card? It’s a lot easier to win than you might be thinking and you can read all about it here.
Have a Halloween jones?
Download […]

The Big Get

It’s a big get. Do you want to win a couple gift cards?
Starting right now I’m launching a survey. But it’s not for you to take. Oh no, the winner of the survey will be chosen randomly and I’ve got a whole other deal for you if you’re interested.
There’s a point system
Whoever gets the most […]

Part-Time Zombie – WIP

What is Part-Time Zombie?
A couple months ago I started a work that was only supposed to be a goof that would be heavy on 80s influences from movies and TV. Every scene was intended to have something interesting–no long dialogue pieces or lulls. I wanted action in every scene. Well, this thing came out of […]

**REBATE** Uncle Samhain needs YOU

Are you looking for a Halloween read that pays you back? For the first 30 Amazon verified reviews of The Best Night of the Year after this posting will be reimbursed for the cost of the e-book. That’s right. Just download, read, review, and email a link to your review at gerald.rice76{at}gmail{dot}com. Remember, the […]